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HomeAway® is one of the leading websites for vacation rentals, with over two million unique places to stay in 190 countries. We’re here to help you learn what it takes to rent your home and invite travelers in for unforgettable experiences.

Why list with HomeAway?

Flexible listing options, worldwide exposure, easy-to-use listing management tools, a secure online booking and payments platform, dedicated customer support, and more!

The decision to rent out your property as a holiday rental is a big one. That’s why we have tools in place—including traveller and host reviews, secure messaging, and a carefree rental guarantee—to help you feel comfortable every step of the way.

  • Pointer iconDashboard where you can manage all aspects of your listing
  • House icon Property description highlighting what makes your home special
  • People iconReviews collected directly from guests and added to your listing
  • Calandar iconCalendar to manage your property’s availability
  • Money iconOnline booking and payments, keeping you in control of who stays and how you get paid
  • Windows iconProperty headline to grab the attention of your travelers
  • Pictures icon24 photos to showcase your home to travelers
  • Map pointers iconMap pinpointing your property and surrounding attractions
  • Network iconExposure through our expanded network, including Expedia.com®
  • Mobile iconMobile app that keeps your business moving forward while you’re on the go

All listings also get regional and global exposure on 25 of our global sites.

Keep reading to learn more about your listing options—or if you’re ready, get started with your new listing.

Owner Testimonials

For seven years, HomeAway has consistently provided 85% of our rentals a year! For me, there's no need to advertise elsewhere"

- Tansy

We are extremely pleased; our property is nearly fully booked for the summer. We are getting at least two enquiries a day mainly because of continuous help from your Marketing Team

- Phil

Your adverts are amazing! Everyone tells me the site is so easy to find. Just this week alone, I have had two groups book from Denmark, one from Holland and one from the UK.

- Mr Barrelli

I have had a tremendous response by advertising with HomeAway. The bookings poured in after only a few days of adding our property to your site. Thank you!

- Anna

The decision to rent out your property as a holiday rental is a big one, but it doesn’t have to be hard work.

Before creating your listing online, be sure to have the following items ready:

  • Property address
  • Photos of your property—we recommend compelling interior and exterior shots (minimum of six photos are required)
  • Rental rates and applicable taxes
  • Bank account details so you can set up your payment methods

Here's a preview of the rental process

  • Computer icon List your property online using our easy-to-use owner tools and features.
  • People icon Travellers can find your listings and request a booking. (You always have control over who stays at your place and when.)
  • Money icon Your property is booked once you and your guests agree on dates, prices, payment, etc.
  • House icon You ensure your rental property is ready for guests to arrive!
  • Check icon Once your guests have checked out, you can settle any remaining administrative details and request a review.

We’ve created some helpful tools to help you get started:

Why should I list my property on HomeAway®?

Listing on HomeAway makes it easy to earn rental income. As one of the world leaders in holiday rentals, we can offer you exposure to millions of travellers each month. Our international network includes 50 sites around the world, including three of the top holiday rental sites in the United States, as well as France, Brazil, Australia, Germany, UK, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Italy, and more. We offer several ways to list, including a pay-per-booking option.

Can I control who rents my home?

Yes, you’re always in control of who stays in your property as every inquiry and booking request comes to you. With online booking, you have 24 hours to speak with your potential guests and make sure they’re a good fit for your property.

What type of properties can I advertise?

At HomeAway, we believe in "The whole house. The whole family. A whole holiday." As part of our commitment to that, we only rent whole properties. But it certainly doesn't have to be a house! Acceptable rental properties include houses, apartments, and villas, as well as barns, boats, bungalows, cabins, castles, chalets, chateaus, cottages, estates, mansions, yachts, and yurts, and other structures travellers may want to rent for their whole holiday.

Once my listing is live, how is my property's sort placement determined?

All listings will be sorted using our “best match” system, which applies an algorithm to all listings based on the traveller’s search criteria (e.g., travel dates, location) and ultimately displays those listings most likely to result in a successful booking. The #1 way to be successful in best match is to enable online booking for all listings and to increase the number of onsite bookings you make.

Still have questions?

Call to speak with someone on the HomeAway® sales team at 020 3514 0016 Monday–Friday, 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Visit the HomeAway help portal